About DJR Fine Art

Darren Roebuck is an artist, musician, and voice actor living in Boulder, CO. Darren spent his youth growing up in Southern California in a creative family where art of all sorts was encouraged. After attending the University of Colorado, he pursued a career as a musician. Fine art painting came about “by accident.” Not wanting to throw away some leftover building materials after a home remodeling project, Darren decided to make something interesting out of them. Then lightning struck. Loosely combining paint to make a background, the paint separated into unpredictable shapes and textures that were irresistible to his eye. Fascinated by the possibilities, he spent the next 15+ years experimenting to give you the images that you see today. Darren loves to work with all sorts of media, but saving old building materials from the land fill is still his favorite.

To learn more about Darren Roebuck, you can visit his other websites here:

www.djrvoiceover.com     www.djrkidsbooks.com